Dom Plays Sax


DomPlaysSax’s Platinum Package provides you with:

  • 3x 50 minute Planned Sets
  • 2x Harmon Kardon Audio E110 Sub A with Top Speakers
  • Fully Mixed Backing Track & Mic’d Alto Saxophone
  • Wireless Equipment Setup for Roaming Saxophone
  • Can plug mixed Saxophone into DJ Equipment to work directly with your DJ
  • LED Light Up Saxophone Option to Wow your Guests for the Final Set of the Day
  • 2x Specific Bespoke Songs (if requested minimum 4 weeks is required to learn the song)
  • Please note: Performances requested outside of Beds, Bucks, Herts, Cambs or Northants will require additional travel charges.
  • Optional Add-Ons – Waiting Time great than 45 minutes (£10 per 15 minutes), POV Video Recording of the Performance from GoPro on a stand next to Dom (£150.00)
  • Full Consultation Call, bookable here –

£725.00 (£150.00 deposit – bookable below)
> Please WhatsApp directly for 2024 bookings. Taking bookings below for 2025 onwards